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Click Here to access the Palco Electrical MRO Catalog

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  Sealed Multiple Wire Connectors


In-Line Butt Connectors - Join two wires to one

Closed-End Connectors - Join two to four wires

  Sealed Crimp & Solder Connectors


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Sealed Crimp & Solder Connectors are crimped for mechanical reliability, soldered for superior strength and conductivity, and sealed for maximum durability. When there is no margin for error, choose Sealed Crimp & Solder Connectors...the ultimate connector.

  Sealed Solder Connectors


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Sealed Solder Connectors are the clear choice of professionals who demand a superior electrical connection. Sealed Solder Connectors provide a high quality, sealed solder connection that takes the guesswork out of soldering. Don’t settle for the average connector...Sealed Solder Connectors are the best solder connectors available!

  Sealed Crimp Connectors


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Our Sealed Crimp Connector product line is the finest line of “crimp-and-seal” connectors on the market today. New design features, the use of only the finest components, and an expanded product selection place Sealed Crimp Connectors squarely at the top of the class. In Short...The Best Just
Got Better!

  Step-Down Butt Connectors


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The inside AND the outside diameter of the connector vary for a sound mechanical crimp. It also has two stripes - one on each end - to indicate which wire size to insert. PLUS, the stripe matches the crimp die that needs to be used.

  Sealed Heat Shrink Tubing



100 Series: Thin Wall
200 Series: Flexible Adhesive-Lined
300 Series: Tinted Adhesive-Lined
400 Series: Semi-Rigid Adhesive-Lined
500 Series: Specialty Tubing: High Adhesive Flow
600 Series: Specialty Tubing: High Shrink Ratio
700 Series: Heavy Wall
800 Series: Heavy Wall

  Sealed Solder System for Battery Terminals



Our Sealed Solder System for Battery Terminals product line is the innovative solution for soldering cable terminations. Pre-measured solder pellets and adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing combine to provide maximum conductivity and a corrosion-proof seal. The result is a high quality termination without the need for expensive crimping tools.

  Sealed Nylon Crimp Connectors


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Our Sealed Nylon Crimp Connectors are insulated with nylon heat shrink tubing.

  Installation Tools



We off a variety of installation tools to fit every installers needs. Each of our tools have been selected to complement
our Sealed Electrical System in order to produce the best results possible.

  Industrial Maintenance Products




This product category is designed to serve suppliers to the maintenance industry. We carry a large selection of assortment and kits containing a wide variety of products from screws and bolts to retaining rings and hose clamps. In addition, we carry the restock packages and peripheral items to support this program. All of these products are customized with your company information at no additional charge. For more extensive information about this product category, please click on the learn more link above.